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Big Footprints found in Aroostook County, Frenchville, Maine

June 25, 2001

I was with my two 17-year-old identical twin nephews. They're very neat kids, tall, handsome, and yes smart. They are not related to me directly but only through marriage.

One of the boys heard that there was some great fishing in a remote farm not too far from their hometown of Frenchville, Maine. As it is, Frenchville is in an isolated area of Maine with potato farms and miles and miles of woods. People see moose, deer, and the occasional bear all the time while driving around. Right now there is an over population of moose and twice the number of hunting license have been issued this fall. It is a very beautiful area. So off we went to this remote farmland to look for these ponds created by beavers.

We stopped at the first place and got out and walked/waded through high grass to get to the pond. The water was pretty still and it appeared to have no fish in it. We learned this after several casts. So on to the next pond that connected into the first. We walked through more high grass and what I believed to be were alders, only to find another dead pond. After our third dead pond I told the twins, Jake and Jeff, let's try and find the water feeding into these ponds and maybe we can fish these creeks if they looked promising.

We all started walking through these alders looking for a source that fed into the ponds. I kept making comments about all the moose and deer prints all around the pond, especially the moose prints. They were plentiful and fresh. We finally came out onto another dirt road. There, Jake called out to Jeff and me to come here. "You have to see this. Come quick guys!"

Bobbie these kids didn't know anything about BF. There in the mud were 3 fresh prints. The prints looked to be partial but the toes were very distinct. It was as if this Bigfoot was up on the balls of its feet and took off running. I explained everything to Jake and Jeff about the encounters I had. It took some convincing but they started to believe me. We all noticed there were no claw marks like a bear would make.

The toes were very distinguishable and the imprints were over an inch deep in the mud. I was very excited with this find. They got excited too. It was getting dark and I didn't want to get stuck out there after dark. We covered one print with a shirt and rocks. Not the best thing to preserve the print but it was all we had and we were rushed to get back. That night however it rained, the prints weren't that good the next day but we took alot of pictures. We even tried to get some casting plaster but I had to leave the next morning. I managed to also collect 2 samples of scat. I am hoping that one of them is not bear. I have them in my freezer now and am not sure what to do with them?

We had to do all this and tell no body. I don't want my wife's relatives thinking I am already more nuts than I am. lol The twins swore they would never tell anyone and I am hoping to get this scat tested. There is one more thing; while we were walking through the alders I thought I heard a low olume "grunt".(I have been told that the low volume grunts I heard while walking through the alders could of been a bear or moose.) I was ahead of the boys and they couldn't see me. I was scared it could have been a bear so I started talking loud telling the twins where I was.

The day before we took the pictures it appeared that there were 5 toes visible in the mud. The 5th toe was to the left of the toe you see in the picture however it wasn't at all as deep of an impression as the rest. It was only a partial impression. Maybe it had a damaged foot? When it rained that night we didn't see that 5th toe impression anymore the next day. The measurements are an approximation. My boot is 4.5 inches wide and 12 inches long. When I put my boot next to the print it was at least an inch to an inch and half wider and at least an inch longer. This would put the measurements around 6 inches wide and 13 inches long. There were no visible claw marks as a bear would make. My nephews are hunters and they said you would have seen more prints if it were a bear. Additionally, There were no toenail marks. The day I viewed the prints before the rain came that night, they were humanlike but the space between the toes was greater than normal. Also the impression was deeper than what a human could have made. It looked like the sasquatch got up on its toes and took off running. That's the way the mud was displaced. I wish this report could of been more scientific. Next time I'll be more prepared. Bobbie either I am very lucky or very blessed. I like to think the latter. This completes the story with the prints.

Submitted by Peter Hameline, July 21 2001 7:55 PM; Report filed by Bobbie Short July 26, 2001